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A doctor is holding a brain in his hands.

A new kind of holistic mental health center

The doctor of the future will give no medication but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.
                                                                            — Thomas A. Edison

Neurofeedback EEG Cap

The current healthcare industry has failed many people living with chronic physical and mental health diseases. Some of the major problems in the treatment of mental health disorders are:

  • The large push of psychiatric medication

  • Misdiagnosis (overdiagnosis and underdiagnosis)

  • ​A one-dimensional approach to treatment

It is time that a more holistic, whole-body solution became a standard part of the way we treat and support people’s health. This is the pledge that Nelmar Health Centers have made. Our goal is to use the latest technology to evaluate, diagnose and treat our clients, offering every service needed to reach mental and physical wholeness, all under one roof. [Learn more]

A multidisciplinary center aiming to heal the mind and body without the overuse of psychotropic medications

At Nelmar Health Centers, we are changing the way mental health services are provided. Using a truly holistic approach, state-of-the-art technology, and a multidisciplinary team that truly believes in the healing power within every person, is what makes us a one-of-a-kind center. Unlike our counterparts, we are able to help bring happiness and well-being to our clients without the use of side-effect-inducing medications. [Learn more]

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alternative herbal medicine
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Holistic Mental Health Diagnostics for a variety of Conditions

No matter what you are struggling with, Nelmar Health Centers can help you live a happier and healthier life. From anxiety, depression, and ADHD to substance use, memory problems, and traumatic brain injury, our multidisciplinary team uses the latest technology and variety of tests to help you uncover the roots of your struggles and provide you with the best evidence-based diagnostic tools available. [Learn more]

Our Mental Health Services are Focused on All Aspects of Your Life

A mental health treatment program that simply prescribes a pill will never help you eliminate the root causes of your concerns. Instead of overmedicating our clients, we instead focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit with our various holistic services. All under one roof, we offer comprehensive diagnostic measures, counseling, neurotherapy, cognitive rehabilitation, dietary and herb management, exercise, massages and more. At Nelmar Health Centers, we treat the whole person, mind and body. [Learn more]

Areal View of a Mental Health Clinic

Our state-of-the-art center is here to deliver the BEST in Holistic Mental Health Services

Our Chicagoland facility was designed to serve as a healing space that is able to provide every service patients need to start living full and happy lives again. Our space consists of counseling, doctor, and technician rooms, and studio spaces for meditation, yoga, and fitness. It is a calm, relaxing, and peaceful place where you can come, share, and heal. 

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Ready to take the next step to a healthier and happier you?

The doctors, clinicians, and compassionate staff at Nelmar Health Centers understand the importance of a holistic approach to healing. We believe in truly listening to your concerns, providing personalized advice, and guiding you towards a path of recovery that considers your entire well-being—mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to prioritize your mental and physical health without relying solely on psychotropic medications. Whether you are seeking support for emotional struggles or physical ailments, we are here to support you on your journey. Take the first steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling life by reaching out to us today. Contact Us to schedule a consultation and embark on a comprehensive healing experience.

In the Power of Nature We Trust

In today's world, although our lifespan has increased, we find ourselves grappling with persistently high levels of stress and fatigue. Our diets often lack essential nutrients, and we encounter numerous potentially harmful substances in our daily routines, from the air we breathe to the products we use. This imbalance in our lives has consequences, taking a toll on our emotional and physical well-being. Unfortunately, there is a concerning pattern of overprescribing medications to address these issues, including those commonly used for depression, anxiety, mood swings, and sleep disturbances. Additionally, there is excessive reliance on antacids and painkillers, unnecessary prescription of certain medications to children, and a disturbingly high prevalence of Alzheimer's disease.


The only solution is a different way of thinking and a brand new approach to how healthcare is delivered. [Learn more]

Dr. Neli Cohen

Neli Cohen


Licensed Psychologist

Clinical Psychology/Neuropsychology

Dr. Neli Cohen is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation of neurological and psychiatric disorders of people of all ages. She has broad-based experience in providing clinical, as well as court-related assessments of individuals with psychological, behavioral, and brain-related problems.

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