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Cognitive Rehabilitation


Cognitive rehabilitation is a broad term used to describe treatment interventions that address cognitive problems, such as difficulties with attention, memory, social behaviors, etc. These cognitive problems can affect a person’s ability to carry out day-to-day tasks, success in school/work, and may even impact their relationships with loved ones. At Nelmar Health Centers, we aim to enhance our clients’ cognitive functioning and independence by offering two approaches to cognitive rehabilitation.

1.          A form of cognitive rehabilitation where our trained clinicians teach clients different ways to improve cognitive abilities and how to make necessary behavior modifications. This approach to cognitive rehabilitation builds on the idea of neuroplasticity, which suggests that brains can change with practice. As such, this approach is used to help clients practice certain skills (i.e. memory, concentration, executive functioning, etc.) so that they can improve in those cognitive domains.


2.          A computerized form of cognitive rehabilitation that utilizes software technology to target different cognitive domains (i.e. memory, concentration, executive functioning, etc.). This program targets each domain with specific protocols in order to increase or improve a  client’s capacity to process and use incoming information.

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