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The truth is that Mindfulness involves the practice of focusing and disciplining the mind. It involves self-examination, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and effectiveness. Mindfulness involves learning to live more in the present moment and less from past experiences, or expectations from the future. Mindfulness involves hard work and is a skill that develops over time.

Being Mindful means paying close attention to what is happening at the moment. Simply put, mindfulness is about being present. In that way, mindfulness is about observing: you notice your life from a distance instead of reacting emotionally.

During our Mindfulness sessions you will learn:

  • How to set aside time

  • How to accept the present as it is

  • How to let your judgments roll by

  • How to return to observing the present as it is

  • How to be kind to your mind

The common myths about Mindfulness want us to believe that practicing mindfulness is all about emptying the mind, disengaging from life, and being relaxed. Some of those myths suggest that it can provide quick emotional highs, or that it involves deep breathing exercises and mantra chanting. Some myths even want us to believe that Mindfulness is an ancient religion, involves magic, and/or that it is a form of cultism.

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