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Neuropsychological Assessment


Comprises a comprehensive assessment of brain function with standardized tests and clinical procedures. It is typically used to rule out and/or to describe the effect that various conditions have on the individual’s functioning. Among such conditions are ADD/ADHD, Developmental/ Learning Disabilities, Psychiatric and Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Seizure Disorders, Stroke, TBI, Medical Illnesses or Treatments, and Effects of Chronic Substance Use. It also provides a baseline against which subsequent evaluations can be compared. Evaluate areas of daily functioning and inform treatment and rehabilitation plans.

If you are undergoing a neuropsychological assessment, the mental functions tested include:

  • General intellect.

  • Reading/reading comprehension.

  • Language usage and understanding of what others say.

  • Attention/concentration.

  • Processing speed.

  • Learning and memory.

  • Reasoning.

  • Executive functions, which are higher-level skills you use to organize and plan, manage your time, problem solve, multi-task, make judgments and maintain self-control.

  • Visuospatial skills.

  • Motor speed and dexterity.

  • Mood and personality.

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