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Nutritional Evaluation/Management


“When the diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need!”

- Ayurvedic proverb

In the Holistic Wellness Department, we offer research-based, individualized nutrition evaluations and recommendations on how to use diet and lifestyle changes to promote holistic wellness. Nutritional management addresses existing conditions can be applied to lower the risk of new complications. We typically perform the following services as part of the nutrition evaluations:

  • Evaluation of the patient’s lifestyle

  • introducing healthy eating habits by providing education and nutrition counseling to increase knowledge, motivation and develop new skill sets to achieve results

  • Ongoing follow-ups to support long-term lifestyle changes

  • Evaluating outcomes and modifying interventions as needed

Nutritional management is a way to promote health through nutrition and lifestyle support. It is a whole-body approach that addresses the potential underlying causes, rather than focusing on symptoms.

Nutritional management involves a wide range of tools that are used to assess individual health status and identify potential nutritional imbalances. The focus is always on the individual client and the root cause of the imbalances, not on the symptoms.

Many chronic conditions, as well as day-to-day fluctuations in health and wellbeing, can be linked to individual nutrition and lifestyle factors. People can see stark improvements in their health when they implement changes to their diet and lifestyle.

Nutrition evaluations may recommend the use of:

  • Nutritional supplements, such as vitamins and/or minerals

  • Superfoods 

  • Herbs

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