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Our Mission


People seeking mental health treatment are faced with a fragmented market, which is difficult to navigate due to a lack of appropriate information and knowledge or limited resources and time. Although many practices claim that they offer integrative services and provide several options, these options fail to produce the complete integrative/holistic approach to treatment to truly make a difference. The push for easy and fast cure promoted by the pharmaceutical companies, psychiatric practices that operate only on prescribing medication, underfunded mental health practices, undermining rigorous diagnostic methods, and neglecting complementary, natural modalities for treatment by mental health professionals hinders the progression of mental health practices that would promote the healing effects that people seek and deserve.

A place where people can find ALL established and highly efficient services for diagnosing, treating, and receiving psychoeducation of mental health disorders under one roof is urgently needed. This necessity is especially pronounced in urban places like Chicago, where people live under a high-stress environment/lifestyle that promotes the development of a variety of mental health problems.

Nelmar Health Center (NHC) is the first center of its kind, offering the latest technology and treatment options for all mental health issues, aimed at determining the optimal treatment, individualized for every client. NHC follows rigorous diagnostic procedures for each client as well as holistic treatment plans, which are comprised of a variety of services based on the diagnostic findings. NHC offers every evidence-based service that is currently known and established for the treatment of mental health disorders with an emphasis on promoting natural recovery and eliminating or significantly reducing psychotropic medications. In addition, we provide three different programs: Outpatient General Services, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). For each program, we curate individualized plans for a wide variety of services and advancements.

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