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Virtual Reality Therapy

portrait man with glasses virtual reality VR interacts with virtual screen

At Nelmar Health Centers, we offer virtual reality Therapy (VRT), which uses virtual reality technology to address disorders like anxiety/phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In VRT, clients navigate through digitally-created environments and complete tasks designed to serve as exposure therapy, which has strong evidence of effectiveness with anxiety-related disorders. VRT allows for individualized, gradual, controlled, immersive exposure that is easy for therapists to implement and often more acceptable to patients than other forms of exposure therapy. The fully-immersive, 3-D digital environment transports people to engaging, interactive environments that can promote new learning.

We combine VRT  with a wide array of our other services in order to optimize its benefits. After a comprehensive assessment to understand each client’s unique presentation, we create a treatment plan that is executed by our multidisciplinary team. Our holistic health practitioner will learn about your diet and lifestyle habits and may then recommend a new diet, changes in lifestyle, and massage with essential oils performed by our massage therapist, which will achieve stress reduction, and improve mood and sleep. Your program may include a combination of individual, group, and family therapy to explore the underlying causes of your anxiety or PTSD. Moreover, our mindfulness counselors and neuropsychology technicians will support these interventions with mindfulness techniques and neurofeedback to complete the body, mind, and spirit cycle in order to support your efforts toward achieving your goals. Finally, our weekend mediation and yoga classes are a great way to enhance your treatment plan, maintain the gains you have achieved, and be a part of our small community where you can meet friends and find understanding and social support.

Woman in Virtual Reality
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