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Conditions We Treat

Woman's Toughts
Seeking help for behavioral, emotional or mental health concerns can be a frightening ordeal. At Nelmar Health Centers, we understand that these concerns can affect every aspect of your life. We can help you navigate towards a better and happier you. We are able to properly evaluate and diagnose many conditions, and our multi-disciplinary team can develop a treatment plan that works for your unique situation. 

What are mental disorders?

Mental disorders (or mental illnesses) are conditions that affect your thinking, feeling, mood, and behavior. They may be occasional or long-lasting (chronic). They can affect your ability to relate to others and function each day.

boy holding blackboard saying I have ADHD
ADHD/Learning Disabilities
afraid nervous bite nails beautiful asian woman wearing red shirt
Anxiety & Phobias
senior woman having back pain in bedroom
Chronic Pain
3d render brain with bright lighted up zones surface brain is highlighted
Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury
lonely woman confronting alzheimer disease
Memory Loss/Dementia
sad man bed dark room major despressive disorder
Mood Disorders
(Covers depression, bipolar, affective disorder)
close up woman is washing soap foam from her hands running water
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
professional psychotherapies and young woman suffer
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
monochrome portrait young girl who is smoking with big decollete eyeglasses
Substance Abuse/Dual Diagnosis
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