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Diagnostic Services

psychological consultation
Include medication assessment, combine memory screening & assessment.
Diagnostic Results

Nelmar Health Centers provide comprehensive assessment services for people of all ages with evident or suspected impairments of cognitive, neuropsychiatric, or developmental functioning. Assessment procedures aim to achieve various goals including determining eligibility for special education and related services; classification/discharge/placement; program planning; assisting with providing therapeutic services; and progress evaluation.


The assessment procedures utilize multiple evidence-based methods of data gathering including standardized assessment tools (objective and subjective measures, paper and pencil, and computerized tests); developmentally appropriate diagnostic/history interviews; collateral interviews, performance (authentic) assessment, and record review.


The use of assessment measures and methodology is uniquely designed for each individual assessed based on the individual’s needs, referral questions, and established scientific and professional knowledge.

Academic Assessments
lot of colorful medication
Medication Assessment
senior man sitting on sofa at home suffering
Memory (Dementia) Assessments
picture of mother and child with specialneeds
Neurodevelopmental Assessment
boy holding adhd sign
Neuropsychological Assessment
psychological consultation
Psychological Assessment
QEEG CAP EEG Neurofeedback
Quantitative Electroencephalograph (qEEG)
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